Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 8 after 2 chemo treatments

I am feeling like bile is coming up and not tasting too good!  Not a pleasant feeling however one that will pass eventually.

Sleep was from 10pm to 2.30am so improving each day.  My face is still slightly swollen and I feel bloated, otherwise feeling much improved!

This morning when the sun comes up ... it is now 4am ... we will be going out in the car.  Where we live it is just so beautiful especially at this time of the year.

Each afternoon I am pottering in my garden, getting a few small weeds out before they grow into a problem, transplanting violets/forget me knots ... that are now showing thier little heads everywhere and just enjoying being with nature.  Yesterday afternoon when the sun came out for a little while I did pottered ... feeling quite weak I was exhausted afterwards however pleased that I had achieved this small and enjoyable task.

To all the brave warriors and others around the world my love, strength and heart is with you.

We are excitedly waiting for the birth of another beautiful little grandchild - could be anytime this week!  Keith's daughter, my beautiful step-daughter has announced that she is expecting her new bub in Feb 2014 - we are so happy for her. 

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