Monday, July 1, 2013

Mesothelioma and asbestosis nutritional/quality of life study Qld University

Today I seem to have no energy, I took my time getting up this morning and probably would have stayed longer except Charlie (my siamese cat) decided he wanted his breakfast so would jump over me in bed onto the floor then repeat this exercise until finally I got up and he got fed!

My oncology appointment is now scheduled for this coming Friday 5 July at 5pm in Melbourne - results of my recent scans and also after the multi disciplinary medical team discussion about my case the previous day.

An associate professor from America contacted me to do an email interview on mesothelioma and women.  He was particularly interested in the link with my father's exposure and ultimate death of pleural mesothelioma in 1985.

The School of Human Movement Studies, University of Qld also contacted me for more paperwork/scan details as they are doing a Nutritional status, dietary intake, body composition and quality of life of patients with an asbestos related disease research study.

If anyone living with mesothelioma/asbestosis in Australia would like to participate in this study, please contact:
Dr Maeli Campbell-McNulty
C/- Judy Bauer
School of Human Movement Studies (#26B), Room 539
Cnr Blair Drive & Union Road
The University of Queensland - St Lucia Campus
Brisbane Qld 4072

Below is an extract from a letter back to me in regards 'recruiting' volunteers living with mesothelioma/asbestosis in Australia and who would like to participate.

Hi Lou
It is wonderful to hear from you. We are very happy to hear from volunteers living interstate as components of the research project such as questionnaires related to dietary intake and quality of life could be undertaken from anywhere. The body composition component is only available for those volunteers able to attend University of Queensland as specialised equipment is required. There is very little published literature regarding dietary intake, quality of life and body composition in patients with asbestosis or mesothelioma – we hope this study will inform the development of an  intervention trial particularly for mesothelioma patients and are particularly interested in mesothelioma survivors. If you are able to assist in increasing awareness of this project via  Facebook or your other contacts, we would be most grateful.

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