Thursday, July 25, 2013

12 days in beautiful sunny and warm Queensland, Australia

We have only recently returned from 12 days in south east Queensland catching up with family, friends and was so pleased to be able to meet up with some of our mesothelioma family while on the Gold Coast.

The first evening we attended a birthday dinner for Keith's brother - Ross who turned the big 60.  A great night spent with family and friends.  The next night he held a party and we caught up with grandkids and son Elton.  So very proud of him, he has just moved back to Queensland/Brisbane where he is working in a profession that he loves and is so good at too - Building Design.

Friday morning I caught the bus to Pacific Fair shoppingtown and met Kim and her beautiful mum Margaret.  They lost their brother/son Peter to mesothelioma.  We had a lovely time catching up and remembering Pete and his kids.

I got to spend time with my youngest daughter, Debbie and my 2 little Brisbane grandkids Lux who is 4 and little Evie who turned 3 while we were there.  We went up to Caloundra, Sunshine Coast for a couple of days and celebrated Evie's birthday there.  The boardwalk is so amazing and beach just beautiful.  I did heaps of walking with the stroller!

Monday night we visited Steve and Gail Cook in their beautiful home for a wonderful meso dinner party with Pat, Marilyn and their daughter Nicole.  A wonderful evening catching up on meso/and we all got along so well.  Thank you to Steve/Gail for hosting the night at their place.  Steve had chemo that morning while Pat was going to have chemo the next day - 2 very brave and beautiful warriors.

Tonight we had a birthday dinner party for our wonderful neighbours who very kindly look after our siamese cat Charlie when we were in Queensland.

On another note, the day before we went to Queensland I had an appointment with Dr Feigen/radiologist at Olivia Newton-John cancer centre.  He went through my last scans and said that he couldn't help me.  So back to see my oncologist next Monday afternoon and discuss possible chemotherapy around the heart area.

I have just finished skype with Jan from UK - she is doing it tough atm, my heart goes out to her.  I hope the medical team can help her get through this big hurdle she is facing.  It appears that the medical team have basically given up on her.  I know she is much stronger than what they give her credit for - she is a fighter and I love her so much.

There are others who are doing it tough around the world and my heart goes out to them.

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