Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oncology appointment Friday 5 July 2013

2 week's ago I had a full CT scan following a visit to see the radiologist, who requested a CT scan and a viewing with the Multi Disciplinary medical team on a Thursday at the Austin hospital to see what they thought and if it were possible to do some radiation zapping, as he felt it was pretty well impossible to get to the area that would need it due to being close to the liver and heart.

Last Thursday the 'team' met to discuss my case and my appointment to follow up with results was with my oncologist Friday evening (5.45pm).  My oncologist Allan Zimet told us that unfortunately the 'team' couldn't bring up online my scan results so had to rely on my previous pet scans as had been already discussed 2 months ago at a Multi Disciplinary meeting and no one put their hand up to touch me other than the radiologist who was prepared to discuss my case with me then.

Allan said the CT scan was okay, not much increase since the last one and that the team were still not going to touch me due to the spreading of the mesothelioma tumours.  Again the radiologist put his hand up for an appointment to discuss my CT scan with him and possible radiation close to the heart area as some nodules there are of concern, if he decides that he cannot do radiation then a possibility maybe of some form of chemo for the heart area only.  So back to see the radiologist Mon 29 July.

Our trip home in the car unfortunately found myself being pretty quiet while poor Keith drove in the peak hour traffic and had to put up with silence from me!  It takes a while to digest the information from my oncologist and the reality of the situation sometimes can seem overwhelming, particularly when I seem so well and yet the meso is still travelling.

Even though I meditated and went to sleep soundly, I was awake early hours of the morning/night and got up, made a green tea and sat in a lounge room chair with Charlie (cat) for a couple of hours before going back to bed and eventually some sleep.   I awoke with a tight chest and exhaustion that has plagued me both yesterday and today.  Maybe it is just the cold weather!  I know I am fine now after digesting this oncology visit.

Thursday I caught the train (coach) into the city and visited a beautiful friend in hospital who is doing it pretty tough at the moment - my heart goes out to her and family.  On a bright note they have just had another little grandchild come into their lives to love and cherish dearly.

I then wandered around the city and sat down in Degraves Lane at a little cafe with a nice china pot of tea when an old friend who I haven't seen for a couple of years walked past.  She sat down for a chat then we walked over to Flinders Station where I continued walking to meet my daughter Jo and little grandkids at Disney on Ice show - it was fabulous and to see the litte kids faces light up was priceless. 

All together for the 2 days I went on 8 trains and 2 trams!  So easy to get around Melbourne and surrounds when public transport is working!

Tomorrow is another day and one that will be just perfect!   Monday night I am taking Keith along to see Engelbert at Hamer Hall, Melbourne city!  This will be my 5th time seeing this wonderful showman and singer!  Mind you some/many people would not agree with me lol!

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