Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pet scan Weds 31 Aug 2013 - my meditation time!

This morning was my PET scan at the Austin hospital, Melbourne.  Fasting for 6 hours and allowed to drink water only.

The Nuclear medicine department is situated in a very dark hole of the hospital - a rabbit warren to find lifts, follow the blue line on the floor to a visitor lift then down a floor and entering via a door where no windows are situated, hence a closed in feeling can overtake the patient as it did the first ever PET scan held there.

My previous PET scans have been in the duration of 2 hrs to 3 hours, this one took 1.5 hours due to the new machines and rather than undressing and putting a gown on - it is now possible to leave clothes on apart from anything with zips or metal.  The radio active dye inserted lying down then on my own lying totally still for 1 hour - pure meditation time for me!  Then I was ushered into the twin domes where I had my head put in a hold and was told to lie absolutely still for 30 minutes while going in and out of these domes.

Easy peasy and out of there by midday!

Results on Monday afternoon with my oncologist Alan Zimet at Epworth hospital!

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