Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 days to come good after chemotherapy!

Tuesday 3 September 2013 I had my PICC 'greased and oil changed', bloods taken and saw my oncologist for results of bloods and all okay so back to day chemo ward where I had Gemzar (gemcitabine) chemotherapy for 3 hrs then home overnight and returning the following day for admittance overnight to hospital for cisplatin to be infused with a 24 hour flush as it can damage kidneys being such a strong chemotherapy metallic drug.

Back home on Thursday 5 Sept, where chronic pain/headache/backache etc started to consume every waking hour of my existence and of Keith's as well - he had to administer my medication as I was getting confused with what I was taking as the pain was overwhelming.  My phone/computer skills went out the window due to feeling pains, weak, no appetite, listless, bad sleeping and very pale looking skin with hair loss happening.

Tuesday 10 Sept back to the hospital where picc 'greased and oil changed' and bloods taken.  Saw oncologist who said no chemo today due to low bloods.  CT scans ordered for Mon 23 September to access where I am at - hopefully tumour growth is stable - maybe even shrinkage!  24 and 25 Sept chemo will go ahead - with another decreased dose so that my side effects are not so bad.  My immune system seems to becoming more toxic with each dose of chemo, considering that I have had chemo over 10 years this is to be expected.

Thursday12 Sept I started to come good and feel normal again apart from a bile taste coming up from my tummy area .... .  This now comes and goes.    

Today we went for a country drive and this afternoon I potted about in my garden.  I am planting more lavenders/olive trees/red petunias to go with our French inspired home.  Weeding is a big problem at this time of the year (Spring) however slowly I am getting there .... .   

Back to the hospital tomorrow for my picc grease and oil change ... .

Tues and Weds we are taking off to Daylesford/Hepburn Springs (a beautiful little country spa town about an hr north of here) staying in a bed and breakfast Edwardian home while Charlie (our siamese cat) will be nicely looked after at home thanks to a friend who will be staying with him.

When having chemotherapy - there are so many things to consider for the patient and also their partner/carer - who both have a rough time on this journey of sheer hell.   One minute your body/mind is okay and then all of sudden the chemo drugs/strong medication kicks in and bingo - a roller coaster of a ride for both until the tide changes as did mine on the 10th day when I felt normal again.  This week is about getting my immune system built up to cope with the next lot of chemo on 24 and 25 Sept.


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