Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend before Scan/Chemo next week!

We have had 3 beautiful days in the spa country/Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area staying in a bed and breakfast home.  In its heyday of 1910 era this guesthouse had 38 rooms/60 guests.  Today 4 ensuite rooms and 8 guests.  It is a lovely Edwardian timber home, high ceilings and what was once a beautiful garden.  Unfortunately it has been let go due to the high maintenance and costs however besides all of this we had a lovely time away and was able to focus just on that happy time rather than on treatment and the what will happen in our lives in the near future scenarios!

Steve Cook has just posted his blog and so pleased to hear that his major operation was a success and he will be home later today.  Gail will be pleased to have him home.  They lost one of their beautiful cats Mia this week - may she be at peace in cat heaven.

Other mesothelioma friends around the world who are doing it tough - my thoughts and love are with you giving strength, love and hope to you and your loved ones.

Yesterday I caught the train/tram to Melbourne city (Arts Centre) and met up with my eldest daughter Jo and little grandsons Henry and baby Oliver who is now 4 weeks old.   Just to hold little Oliver and give him his bottle was so very special for me.

Today looks like a nice sunny day happening, we need to go to the shops then gardening will be on my list later today.  My younger brother Matt and family are calling in for a visit this afternoon so looking forward to seeing them.  Tomorrow my brother Chris and partner Cheryl will be coming up to visit.  They are getting married 26 October - so a goal for me to keep well!

My CT contrast scan will be on Monday 23 Sept morning after the PICC line has been dressed and bloods taken.   Oncology visit Tues 24 Sept for results and no doubt chemo, then chemo overnight on Weds 25 Sept.  Not looking forward to this week coming!

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