Monday, September 16, 2013

Life is good!

Good soaking rain here - fabulous for our garden and all of the plants that are coming up due to our beautiful Spring weather, plus the new plants that I have been busy putting into pots and in the garden.  In a month it should look wonderful ... then lol our hot dry weather will start once again and we will have to be careful with the tank water and hope we get rain then for the garden and to fill up the tanks ... however that is a couple of months away thank goodness.

Well today's visit to day chemotherapy ward at John Fawkner Hospital in Melbourne took an hour by car - good traffic flow and we were there on time for our appointment at 11am.  Picc actually had some water in it - not sure how this happened and luckily it must have happened today when having a shower as I have plenty of sterilised waterproof bandages on it.  The nurse Jess said that if it had of happened a couple of days ago my arm would have been very itchy.  Once the picc was cleaned, dressed and flushed we were allowed to go.

Keith had a doctor's follow up appointment for his PSA reading (follow up from his robotic prostate cancer operation in January 2013) and results of xrays/ultrasounds .... ALL CLEAR AND PROSTATE READING UNDETECTABLE!  Yay good news and life is good!

I have made some lemon sponge mini puddings with some beautiful free range eggs from friends and lemons from a friend's tree as we are going across to our neighbour's home soon for roast pork dinner and to sit by the fireplace and have a chat and probably a glass of vino!

To all my beautiful meso warrior friends, their family and carers who are not well at the moment my heart goes out to them and I am sending you a beautiful rainbow of smiles, love and strength.  Also to my beautiful girlfriend in NSW who is not doing too well - I wish that I could just pop in with some muffins and give you a big cuddle like you did with me 10 years ago!

Charlie (our siamese cat) brought in another little baby rabbit yesterday morning through his cat door - luckily I was able to hear him and he quickly shot back outside the door and hid his prize somewhere in the garden.

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