Monday, September 2, 2013

Chemo twice this week

I have built my immune system up and my body is ready to face further chemo tomorrow (gemzar) and again overnight in hospital on Wednesday (cisplatin), then gemzar the following Tuesday.

I am not looking forward to this round of chemo however there is no choice but to have it!

Yesterday in Australia was father's day (dad's day) and happily celebrated by most dads.  Today is Keith's birthday and a very special day celebrated with family and good neighbours.

Chemo is so hard on the body, mind and immune system.  It also is not easy for our partners/carers to sit back and hold our hands thru this ordeal.  They live the journey of mesothelioma with us all the way, coming to appointments, looking after us at home and in the hospital when needed, supporting others when they phone, email and turn up in person.  We both crave for a normal day when we can forget about meso, treatments and just live in the moment.  Just living in the moment is so important to do this - we cannot plan for our future - it has been taken away from us, we can enjoy each waking moment and take time to smell the roses and may there be many more days like this for us and others living this journey!

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